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I've been working on this for awhile now! This summer is going to be two years when I got into the Airbender.net role play, "Avatar - CHOSEN" game mastered by o8_jedi. Now, the original one which I didn't participate in till the very end, has been lost because of a server switch in the forums. But you can read 2.0, 3.0, and the newest one that I had put together after 3.0 failed which is it's own forum and that's here.

Anyway, happy second anniversary, guys! XD If you think this is nutty, just wait till what I do with the fifth one >D

(I make awesome banner, yes? :3)

Playlist (download)

1. Trapt - "Head Strong"
2. Everlife - "Go Figure"
3. Simple Plan - "I'm Just a Kid"
4. Michelle Branch - "All You Wanted"
5. Three Days Grace - "Pain"
6. Martina McBride - "Concrete Angel"
7. Avril Lavigne - "I'm With You"
8. Linkin Park - "Breaking the Habit"
9. Evanescence - "Tourniquet"
10. Within Temptation - "Memories"
11. Superchick - "Stand in the Rain"
12. Aqua - "Turn Back Time"
13. The Beu Sisters - "Once Upon a Broken Heart"
14. Saosin - "You're Not Alone"
15. Beatles - "Here Comes the Sun"


To Cassie, Manda, and o8(goddamn you for not telling us your real name after all this time =.=): Wow. It's going to be two years you guys! While the Summer of '06 was really one of the worst times for me emotionally, Chosen really made it fly by quickly. I learned a lot from it and when I read our old posts, it's like Cassie said, "Yes! We too were once NOOOOOBS!!" Except for o8 since he's so old(-gigglesnort-). It's hard to believe he put up with our stupidity that we came up in the RP. -shot-

Anyway, I can't help but smile when read over the posts (even though the damn proboards server cut back a couple times), because I remember typing a lot of them. I also remember a lot of the avvi's and sigs that we all had then(WELL O8 NEVER CHANGES HIS, SO HE DOESN'T COUNT -HINTHINT-), especially Cassie's multiple accounts XD These images especially make me go all nostalgic(yeah, I'm an old fogey...LIKE O8 -shot...again-): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

It still amazes me that we'd get up at 10 in the morning and go until 10 at night and sometimes till 4 am just posting. I themed the OST(Teehee, I just love calling it that XD) to the ups and downs we went through in the Chosen storyline. These were a few of the songs that we listened to when we RPd(as far as I know for Me, Cassie and Manda) I couldn't find all the ones I wanted because LimeWire hates me, but I remember we used the lyrics from some of those songs in our posts. Since you guys couldn't think of more than TWO songs each I was stuck on my own, so don't throw a hissy fit if you don't like the selection, mkay?

Even though there were a TON of Evanescence songs, I didn't want to have more than one song by the same artist just cuz I'm picky like that. And of course I couldn't use any Nickelback songs because of SOMEONE (-_-)I cannot tell you how tedious it was to go through the old "What Are You Currently Listening To" thread and try to match it up to the RP posts XD. So that's why I put o8's lovely song at the end. Cuz the sun really did come -shot again- The Simple Plan one is a bit out of place, yes, but it's basically saying in the beginning how our characters were all, "wtf is this?" and just confused. I know that the Saosin song didn't come out until 2007, but I still think of Chosen when I hear it and how all of our characters tried to encourage each other not to stop holding on -shot again- Person shooting: SHE JUST DOESN'T DIE. Me: nope : D

Yes, it might sound really cheesy and stupid, and I know Cassie feels the same way I do about this, but that was a really difficult time for us. I know especially for Manda. We've all changed a lot! So I hope if you guys download this playlist, and listen to it, you'll think of that summer and the fun we had(I don't have any of these songs on Navi anymore XD) Thanks again. You are so awesome. -Hotaru
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